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As public adjusters, we are licensed to work exclusively for you following your insured loss. Our involvement in the claims process assures you that you will receive the highest possible settlement payment.

Clients we represent typically experience claim payments that are 20% to 40% greater than what their insurance company paid or was willing to pay.

With us as your claims advocate, you will always achieve a much better result because¦

  • The adjuster hired by the insurance company is defined by law as one who only represents the insurance company's interests - not yours.
  • The company appointed adjuster will interpret your policy and set your loss amount in a manner that greatly favors the insurance company, not you.

Maximizing the value of your claim is accomplished with our knowledge of complex policy conditions, terms and obligations. We research and present documented proof in a manner that best supports the value of your loss.

Call us at 1-877-552-5246. We are available to answer any questions you may have and there is no obligation.



Many insureds involved in the California Northridge and Loma Prieta earthquakes discovered damage long after they settled with their insurance companies. This has been the source of much litigation.

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The importance of having a claims advocate following the theft of many items or items of high value such as collectables, artwork, or jewelry cannot be overstated.

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Commercial and Residential

Our experience in the area of commercial policy coverage is extensive. Our extensive knowledge of your policy coupled with careful research

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Fire - Smoke

After an insured suffers from a fire, they do their best trying to remember everything they lost in the fire. They present completed inventory sheets to the adjuster, and a few months later, the insured receives their check from the insurance company.

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Storm - Wind

Evaluating damage caused by weather conditions can be tricky business. Often, there is hidden damage not visible to the naked eye. The insurance company adjuster will be inclined to settle on visible damage only.

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Claim Denied

If you experience a large loss and your claim is denied, we can review the reason(s) why the insurance company denied coverage

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Loss Caused By Vehicle

We are experienced at representing clients who have suffered major damage to their business or structure from loss caused by a vehicle.

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Loss of Earnings

This includes advocacy regarding business or rental property revenue losses that stem from a covered loss.

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Re-evaluation of Your Claim Already Paid

All insurance companies audit their claim files to make sure the adjuster did not make any mistakes that would cost the company money.

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Flood and Water

Loss by water, whether from a flood or plumbing malfunction, can be one of the most insidious types of damage. Many adjusters and contractors overlook or leave out building components because they appear to be fine.

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Claims That Keep Dragging On

It is an unfortunate fact that many insureds experience this with their insurance company. There are many reasons why this occurs. To the insured it may feel like their insurance company is hoping they will “go away”.

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We are well qualified to evaluate losses involving extensive vandalism, whether commercial or residential.

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Real Estate Owned Recovery

A division of Fire Insurance Recovery / Real Estate Owned Recovery can be very successful helping lenders mitigate REO property loss following foreclosure.

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